How Do I Get a Case Manager?

Trying to get services you or for a loved one can be a challenging task. The process can be confusing for people who work in the field so I could only imagine how difficult it could be for people who are new to human services field. However, the benefits of having services in place far outweigh some of the challenges you may face with navigating the system. And the earlier you can get case management services in place, the chances of achieving positive outcomes increase.

Who do I contact?

Contact your local Community Services Board (CSB) - Community Service Boards are typically the point of contact in many states. Schools and other agencies might also provide a referral to the CSB to initiate an intake.

Local human services department- Your local Human Services Department or Social Services department can also be a starting point of contact. Their primary role is to assist with benefits such as Medicaid, SNAP (Formally known as Food Stamps), etc. It’s important to have Medicaid benefits because they pay for case management as well as other support services. It’s a good ideal to apply for these benefits before initiating case management services. If you don’t have it at the time of the intake, the intake clinician can assist with applying for benefits.

Schedule an Intake
After contacting the CSB or Department of Human Services to schedule an intake , an application for services may be mailed or emailed to be completed before the intake. It’s important to fill out the information as thoroughly as possible to make the intake move a little faster. A typical intake will take 1-2 hours on average. Some of the information may seem confusing but answer the questions the best that you can. Any blank areas can be addressed at the intake.

Gather the appropriate documentation
Some of the information that will be required at the intake includes:

Birth Certificate

Social Security Card

Medicaid and other insurance cards

Photo Identification

*These items can also be provided prior to the intake date.  

Determine if You Qualify

Psychological Evaluation- A psychological evaluation can determine what type of case management services you need or if you even qualify for services. Psychological evaluations can be done in private practice settings or they can be provided by the school for purposes of qualifying for services.
The psychological evaluation consists of a number of tests as well as interviews and reviews of previous medical reports. An evaluation resulting in an IQ score of 70 or below would qualify the person for intellectual disability case management. This diagnosis must be obtained before the age of 18 in most states. This is why getting the evaluation early is important.

If the psychological evaluation results in a primary diagnosis of mental health illness (Schizophrenia or Bi-Polar Disorder, etc.), then mental health case management services might be more appropriate.

Getting Matched with a Case Manager
The final step is getting matched with a case manager. There could be a waiting period to get matched with a case manager. This all depends on the availability of case managers due to turnover or high caseloads. The department will try to match the client to the case manager that fits their individual preferences as much as possible. This could include gender preferences and/or the case manager’s experience in working with specific client needs.


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Case Manger is crucial for every business for every individual's mental health. A case Manger every day keeps the depression away.
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