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Last Updated on April 7, 2022
Martin Gardner has over 20 years of experience in the human services field. He has spent the majority of his career as an advocate for people with mental health and developmental disabilities. He has worked in psychiatric hospitals, recovery centers as well as numerous public and private agencies providing mental health counseling and case management services. Gardner is currently a case manager in the public sector as well a counselor in the private sector. Gardner has been a case manager for over 19 years and has knowledge of the intellectual disability service system as well as mental health services.

As an experienced clinician, Gardner has also offered his expertise to day support and residential providers in an effort to improve their services to the community. He has also offered advice to new providers, educating them on the Medicaid Waiver selection process and techniques to market and improve their programs. He also enjoys providing information to the public, especially parents and families that struggle with navigating a difficult and often confusing disability service system. 

Residential Counseling
In-Home Counseling/Family Counseling
Child and Adolescent Case Management
Mental Health Case Management
Intellectual Disabilities Case Management

Crisis Intervention
Service Coordination
Mental Health Skill Building

BA Psychology from Christopher Newport University (1997)
MA  Urban Education/Community Counseling from Norfolk State University (2002)
MPA Troy University with a concentration in Public Management (2011)

Qualified Mental Health Professional -Adult (QMHP-A)

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Thanks for visiting Case Management Basics! Martin Gardner is the creator of CaseManagementBasics.com and the Case Management Basics Mobile App. Gardner is a mental health professional with over 20 years of experience in the human services field.

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