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I know its been a while since I posted new content. However, I feel this is the best way to let you know about the upcoming changes with the email subscriptions. The platform that I use for my blog (Blogger) will be ending their email subscription services beginning in July. Of course this left many of us scrambling to find a new service.

I have decided to use as my new email subscription service. Everyone who is currently subscribed will be redirected to new service starting in July. 

*New subscribers will have to click on the subscribe banner to get email updates. Remember to verify your email to ensure that you are officially subscribed. 

As always, you will only receive an email when I post new content. Hopefully I will get back to posting on a regular basis. I continue to update the resource page and the employment links whenever I find new information or I receive information that I think will be a good fit for the site.

I really appreciate all of my subscribers and readers. I have received constant messages of encouragement on how the blog has helped. I started this blog as a hobby and six years later it has grown into so much more. I have all of you to thank and hope to continue to be a valuable resource.



Anna Michaelson said…
Thanks you for providing very informative information on mental health. mental health is very important it effects in every aspect in human life . keep sharing looking forward to more.
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